China CCC New EMC standard GB/T 9254.1-2021

2022-07-01 15:16:00

From July 01, 2022, the new EMC standard GB/T 9254.1-2021 "Information Technology Equipment, Multimedia Equipment and Receivers Electromagnetic Compatibility Part 1: Emission Requirements" began to be enforced, which replaced the old standard GB/T 9254- 2008 and GB/T 13837-2012.


According to the notice of China Quality Certification Center (CQC), the relevant requirements for the new standard are as follows:

1. The standard GB/T 9254.1-2021 will replace the standard GB/T 9254-2008 and GB/T 13837-2012 from July 01, 2022. Please refer to the annex for the standard differences.

2. The implementation plan for the new EMC standard:

a)  From July 1, 2022, the new application for certification shall be certified according to the GB/T 9254.1-2021 standard and issue a new certificate.

b)  For products that have been certified according to the old standards, the holder of the old certificate should submit an application for standard update in time.

c)  For certified products that have been shipped from the factory, put on the market and are no longer in production before July 1, 2022, standard update for the certificate is not required.


The CCC certification categories involved in the new standard include category 08, category 09, and category 16.Products scope: Information technology equipment, audio equipment, video equipment, broadcast receiving equipment, entertainment lighting control equipment and their combinations whose rated AC voltage RMS or DC voltage does not exceed 600V, including multimedia equipment for professional use and GB/T 9254- 2008 and GB/T 13837-2012 applicable equipment, such as: televisions, active speakers, audio power amplifiers, microcomputers, monitors, printers, servers, category 08 and category 09 power adapters and other equipment.


Major technical changes include:

1. Wider scope of application, suitable for multimedia equipment, including multimedia equipment for professional use and equipment applicable to GB/T 9254-2008 and GB/T 13837-2012;

2. For the radiated emission measurement requirements below 1GHz, the limit of 3m measurement distance in OATS/SAC and the limit of 3m measurement distance and 10m measurement distance in FAR/FSOATS have been added;

3. Added limits and test methods for radiated emission testing in GTEM and RVC;

4. Added the limit requirements and measurement procedures for conducting emission in asymmetric mode using the combination of current probe and CVP;

5. Deleted the requirements for the disturbance power test item;

6. Deleted the requirement for the measurement limit of radiated power of the direct-to-home satellite receiver tuning unit;

7. Deleted the requirement for the measurement limit of equivalent radiated power in the radiated power of the outdoor unit of the direct-to-home satellite receiver;

8. Removed the RMS-average detector measurement requirement;

9. Changed the warning for Class A equipment;

10. Changed the boundary definition of EUT, AE and related cables in radiated emission measurement;


Do you have any questions, e.g.

How to define the”asymmetric mode conducted emission test for optical fiber ports”? under what kind of condition we need to do this testing during CCC certification?

How to define the internal working frequency for Bluetooth or WIFI products?

How to deal with the label with old Class A declaration?


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